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One Week in April
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One Week in April





One week in april mike stone golf. One week in portugal in april. In treatment week one april review. My SO and I are traveling to Europe this coming April for two weeks and are set on spending approximately one week in/around Paris. What we can't decide is where to spend the second week. We are having trouble narrowing down our options as we would love to go to so many places. We are open to travel by train or plane, but wish to stay in Western Europe. Any recommendations on where might be a good city/metropolitan area to visit in April? For us, culture and beautiful architecture/landscapes are far more interesting than shopping/nightlife. Thanks.

One week in april. A resource for anything geek related - sci-fi, fantasy, TV, movies, technology, comic books, video games, etc... Level 1 No words can explain this pain. I am a critical care Paramedic and have been for 27 years. I have driven up on hundreds of these preventable accidents. Many stay in my mind to this day. It's not the gun that kills it's negligence on the parents, guardian or care giver is where blame should be focused. I have children myself ages 25, 22, and 19. None of them ever even knew I owned a gun until their early teens. I understand accidents do happen but when a toddler picks up a weapon that should have been secured under lock and key; well that to me is negligent homicide. None the less, many parents walk away because of the term accident! In 2016 there were 143 or more fatal wounds to five year olds and under because of not securing a weapon. Education is the key. This documentary will cause fire in some eyes and great sorrow in others. As for me, witnessing certain wounds such as these has left a permanent ache in my heart. level 1 Original Poster 9 points 2 years ago edited 2 years ago My name is Edgar Dubrovskiy, I was the cinematographer on this doc. A year ago a friend of mine, director Matt Palmer called me and told me about a very tragic week that took place in US. At the end of the conversation he added "we need to shoot a documentary about this. We felt very strongly about the subject and the urgency of the matter. Our friend Brian joined us as a co-producer and driver and we hit the road to shoot the doc. It's out today, on Ryot: Would love to know what you think guys. Any questions, comments, anything - Matt, Brian and I will be here to answer anything about the stories and the filmmaking process. (upd: it's been selected as the "Short of the Week" on Vimeo. level 2 Amazing job. I grew up around guns and am very pro 2nd amendment. But for the love of god, if you have kids in the house don't keep your fucking gun loaded. Blows my mind that people treat weapons so lightly. Always check the chamber to see if you've left a round there. This is the first and last thing you should do when handling a weapon. This isn't "propaganda" or any other nonsense like some are saying here. These kids should still be with us. It's about teaching fucking gun safety 101 to people. level 2 Thanks so much for shedding light on this awful preventable thing. level 2 Only a good guy with a gun can stop a toddler with a gun. level 1 As a father of 6, and a firearm owner, this is absolutely gut wrenching. I appreciate you bringing these statistics to my attention. I had no idea it was this bad. My prayers are with these families. level 2 Religious, too? Shocking. level 1 Is this really a problem? This is a statistically insignificant event. What urgency is here compared to all the other ways toddlers are injured or killed? Edit: Shaken Baby Syndrome is a bigger problem. level 2 Just because it's a very small problem doesn't mean it's not a problem. In most other civilized regions the toddlers gundeath is virtually zero. Also toddler gundeath is part of a much bigger problem, which is responsible gun ownership. 2nd ammendent rights are fine and all, but the "no-rules" part of it are seriously outdated. You have to take a small course and a test to get a drivers license, but there is no such thing with guns, due to an irrational fear of the government restricting ALL access to guns, so every year thousands die due to irresponsible gun management. level 2 Comment deleted by user 2 years ago ( More than 1 child) level 2 PREVENTABLE problem, leading to fatalities. level 2 It's a problem because it's extremely easy to prevent: Don't leave your fucking loaded guns lying around. Also, you're not going to get much sympathy for gun owners by arguing "Well, some dead kids is just the price of gun rights. Second amendment. level 1 Lock your damn guns up, people. Yes, you have the right to have them. Yes, guns are totally awesome. But kids love getting their hands on guns, and if you leave them loaded and accessible, bad things WILL happen. And you know what? If you stop letting kids grab guns and shoot themselves, that's less justification for the people who want to see guns banned. There's no excuse for a single one of these incidents to happen. Every one is because the owner of the gun was not following proper safe storage practices for when kids are around. level 1 My father had a gun license and a rifle in a locked cabinet when I grew up. I just picked the lock and took it to shoot out street lights and so on - at 13. There is no such thing as gun safety. Some guns are merely temporarily safer than others. level 2 It still is a better precaution than not locking them up. because a 5 year old (barring a freak genius kid) can't pick it. I'd agree most teens could get through a lock if they really wanted to, but by that age they should at least be old enough to understand not to point it at people or have some trigger discipline level 1 That's just how averages work. level 1 Australia here- this is inexplicable to me. Very well delivered. If the second amendment is to remain then clearly gun safety is a critical issue.


One week in april song golf. One Week in april 2011. One week in april mike stone. One week in april song masters. One Week in aprilia. One week in april four toddlers shot and killed themselves. Place to talk about, trade pictures of, question why it exists, laugh at yourself for buying, but still generally appreciate the Hobonichi Techo planner. 2 Screenshot 2 Posted by 1 month ago Screenshot 1 comment 100% Upvoted Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up Sort by level 1 Original Poster 1 point 1 month ago BTW, We share the 1st spot with Hannover (just a bit beter goal difference on my side) More posts from the footballmanagergames community Continue browsing in r/footballmanagergames r/footballmanagergames One of the largest Football Manager Communities/Forums on the internet. If it is about Football Manager, then it belongs here! 129k Managers 955 Online Created Aug 12, 2010 help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts Communities Top Posts Topics about careers press advertise blog Terms Content policy Privacy policy Mod policy Reddit Inc 2020. All rights reserved.

Level 1 That looks like a no in my opinion, but it's always a good idea to try a couple of tests. level 2 That's what I'm thinking too. I hope it's a negative. I'm going to retest in the morning. level 1 I definitely see a faint line, but its hard to tell if its a positive or just an evaporation line. Personally, Id go grab a handful of tests from the dollar store and retest a few times. level 2 Yes. Definitely retesting. I hope it's just an evaporation line. level 1 Looks negative, but if you want to know for sure you can always see your doctor and ask for a blood test. NAD. level 2 Right. I'll need to go anyway bc of this missed period, find out the actual reason. Reddit's source for women's health info. Moderator is a public health official specializing in maternal and child health. Source for Obstetrical and Gynecological news and updates. Questions are welcomed. If you are a professional with relevant professional knowledge, message the moderator proof, and you will be given flair to show your profession or degree. Reddit Inc 2020. All rights reserved.

One week in april the masters. One Week in april pour la semaine. One week trip in april. One week in japan in april. Mike stone one week in april. Spot on, this really indicates the purpose of common sense safety laws, even if applied tragically, the meaning is discouragement for a legitimate and obvious greater good. Unless the NRA uses its "free speech" to pay legislators to "believe" the solution is somehow still more guns and less restrictions, lest the poor industry sees a slump in revenue.

One week in europe in april. One Week in april. Level 1 Spread amongst four different record labels. Amazing. level 1 Look at the stuff they were up against. Surely if any Rock Band today had the potential to be influential they would go against any top 10 in this time. They were able to do it without all this internet and word of mouth. From the Cavern to Germany, then their Home in England, and Finally the World level 2 To the toppermost of the poppermost. level 1 Wonder what they could have done with modern chart rules that don't require single releases. 32 of the Hot 100 when the White Album came out with Hey Jude and Revolution still charting? Some of these records have fallen in recent years - Drake had 7 of the top 10 and 27 on the Hot 100 last year, and a couple weeks back Taylor Swift had all 18 tracks of her new album in the Hot 100. But the All Beatle Top 5 is unmatched. Ariana Grande came closest earlier this year with the top three. level 2 i wouldn't be surprised if drake's next album breaks the top 5 spots. he's absolutely massive, he has almost as many certified units as the beatles. level 1 Second only to the Rutles who had 19 of the top 20 level 1 Nearly all Lennon-McCartney songs as well #DOMINANCE 🇬🇧 level 2 ♫Dear friend, what's the time? Is this really the borderline? ♫ 1 point 4 months ago The vast majority of their singles were Lennon/McCartney songs though. level 1 Only two of those records were Capitol, and they were the only current ones. The other three were older records that didn't make waves the first time they were released, but we re-released when the Beatles hit it big in America.

One Week in april 2013. One Week in. I'm gonna recommend two places: Hainan province and Fujian province. Hainan is ab island area, with the resort city of Santa. I've never had a chance to go there myself, but I've heard good things. Fujian province is near the ocean, towards the south of China. Major cities include Fuzhou, and Xiamen. I had a chance to visit Fuzhou, and I really liked it. Xiamen is my #1 goal destination for when I can go to China again.

I've been 'studying' on the Philippines where to go with my 10 year old son for one week vacation starting from 26 April next year, and now I'm overwhelmed with so many good places and lost where to go. Most information on the internet seems for young adults or backpackers, not for kids of the age. I would like to go to a place where I can enjoy with my son 1) snorkling & canoeing at sea, 2) hiking on mountains & swimming in waterfalls, 3) gaming in arcades, ideally staying at one accommodation. Do you think Cebu is the best option, or El nido, Boracay, Bohol? Thanks for your advice.

Hello everyone, got a question about two separate trips (Petra and Wadi Rum National Park. We will be staying at Eilat for one week in April this year. From there we are planning to cross the border to Jordan on foot and rent a car in Akaba for a day trip (one day Petra, another day Wadi Rum. I guess there are taxi services at the jordan side of the border in order to bring one to specific locations in Akaba (car rent station. Since we travel with our kids (4 yrs and 1, 5 yrs) I just want to acknowledge beforehand if there are tips you could provide me with, what to take care about, what to avoid, how to get all that done smoothly. Are there any scams underway to look out for (taxis at the border e. g. are the rental car locations reliable and so on. thank you very much in advance. regards from germany.

Buenaventura, if I remember correctly, is on the outskirts of El Centro, so you should be in walking distance of almost everything in El Centro (which is pretty small. There's a local rooftop bar called Mil Caguamas that I like to go to. The Malecon is nearby. There's some beachbars like Solar and Barricuda. A lot of local street tacos nearby, but I would probably watch out for the street-street tacos that sell for 6 pesos, might mess the stomach up. At night (early hours of the morning) I would probably only walk to and fro the Malecon and the Romantic Zone. There is a rough crowd that way if you head towards the mountains, some ladies of the night, if you know what I mean. The hotel experience is a blast. If you want a smaller beach you should head up to the beaches near Mismaloya, there's tons that are a bit quiter than the hotel beaches. Also, don't be afraid to take a bus. For 10 pesos, you can get to damn near anywhere in Vallarta. They were recently updated and are a bit more modern. There's some poolhalls nearby. Can't go wrong with the Malecon. Have fun. If you have any questions, holler.

I'm heading to Lisbon in April for a week. I'm trying to decide whether I should stay in Lisbon the whole time, or go south, or go north, or go inland? I'd love to see Porto, Lagos, Evora and Fatima, in addition to Lisbon, but a week doesn't really leave time for that. I doubt the weather will be warm enough to really enjoy the south, so I'm leaning towards going north to Porto for 3 days of my week, but I could be convinced otherwise. I love wine, but I also love beaches. I generally love historical sites (I am very very excited for Sintra) and art, and good food. My budget is probably around 100Euro a day, including accomodations (I will probably stay at a hostel so I can do a wine tour and a cooking class) so any fun tips on what to do while in Lisbon/Portugal would be great. Also, my flight out of Lisbon is at 5am- what will be the safest way to travel to the airport at 3am, as a single female? I am thinking taxi? Thanks.

One week in colorado in april. April in japan one week. One week holiday in april.

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